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Summer Florals: How to Rock the Look When at Home

Summer Florals: How to Rock the Look When at Home


Just a couple of months ago, our daily schedule included getting dressed up in the morning,
doing our hair, putting that light makeup for work and anything else that made us feel work-ready. With summers getting at its peak, florals would have been the most preferred choice of prints. With the spread of the novel coronavirus, our routines have changed while we engage in working from Home.

If you are looking for some motivation to increase your work productivity you’d know how strongly we recommend coming out of your pyjamas, and donning at least semi-formals to get your work for the day, done. Florals add a joyful touch to our workspace, which seems the most vital element right now considering we need an external factor to lift our spirits and promote well-being. That being said, it is always a good idea to pep up adoring florals. Here’s how you can wear florals when working from home.

1. Bright, floral leggings

If you have been looking forward to working in comfy bottoms, floral leggings with large printed flowers is something you can go for. They are super comfortable all day long, light-weight, stretchy and doesn’t feel a thing against your skin. You may experiment with bright colours here or simply go for a neon shade like- neon green or red.

2. Floral skirt with solid-colored top

Pencil skirts are one of the most favourite work wear for women. So what if you are not going to work. Pair your favourite floral pencil skirt with a neutral or a solid, light shade blouse for a rocking-day-at-work feels. Not only will this look make you feel totally at work, but you’ll also love giving yourself this break from regular pyjamas.

3. Floral maxi dresses

This may sound a bit off-topic but when we feel good, our body releases a dose of fell-good hormone which is helpful to fight off stress. The floral maxi dress doesn’t just give you an extremely comfy attire to work with, but also gives you a reason to be happy and fight off that everyday stress. It is airy and what better way to keep just a picture of nature all around you.

4. Kurti-Palazzos

We have seen it and loved it every time someone around us wore it. Our very own Indian attire in a bright floral colour. Go for a cotton material, and look for your favourite pastel color. Floral kurti and palazzo combo has ruled the Summer market for the past two years and is definitely here to stay.

5. Ruffled Blouse

When choosing a floral piece for yourself, always look at the cut- on the neck and the bottom of the top. A ruffled blouse with miniature-flowers printed on it will not go with a flowy skirt, considering the ruffles in itself would be the star of your attire. So pair your ruffled floral blouse with either an ankle-length trouser or a with a pencil skirt.

6. Accessorize

Women simply love to accessorize, don’t we? The Mrs Maisel hairband is one of the latest to join our wardrobe and is a hot favourite for most women who’ve tried it. Because you’re Home, noting nothing more comfy and in-trend that using a floral Mrs Maisel hairband to beat the blues. Oh, and speaking of accessories, do you own a pair of floral-printed flip flops? Don’t wait to take them out only to a beach. Now may be a good time for a change.

7. Scarf

Okay, we know why would we wrap around a scarf when at Home? But think of a moment when you have to go on a call without prior notice? Or even otherwise, just in case you don’t feel like going to the wardrobe and looking for a floral piece of clothing, try incorporating a floral scarf on your pyjamas. If nothing, they’ll definitely make a statement for your ‘Gram profile, no?

We are all looking for some motivation to keep our spirits up. Update your wardrobe and incorporate some florals with colour to up your productivity quotient.

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