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How to set up a Home Office that improves work productivity

How to set up a Home Office that improves work productivity


Much before we were forced to stay indoors and work from home by a pandemic, the workforce jury was yet to decide on which is better- working from Office, or working from Home. When we say better, we obviously mean it in terms of productivity and work-life balance. If a report from Harvard Business Review article is to be believed, people who work from Home on the same schedule as Office, have the best productivity. When asked about the reason they mentioned a great deal of credit goes to the Office set up at Home which gives them the motivation to keep going.

You can create the exact Office space at Home as you’d like it be with precise features that includes the furniture, surroundings, office desk, favourite corner and maybe a concentration-boosting space. We have listed down a couple of tips to setup a Home Office to boost productivity which you can apply in your routine.

Build like a bird

If you have ever noticed a bird build her nest, you’d know how particular they are for privacy. They make their home in accordance with the degree of interaction they want with humans or animals. Similarly, it is relative for humans to be able to work in an absolutely peaceful environment or with a little interaction with others in the household. When working on setting up a Home Office, choose a space which is quieter and not close to the playing area, if not, choose a room with a door.

Work Desk

Diving through a pool of papers and pens are sure to delay your work, so you need to figure out the daily essentials you need at work desk to keep it organized. Sticky notes, a daily planner, a pen-stand with markers and pens should be enough. In case you happen to be someone whose work involves going through folders or a couple of documents daily, make sure you have just that one folder on the desk which you require for the day. Giving yourself that space to work is equivalent to giving yourself time to think.

Green to break from screen

 Everybody likes to take a break from the computer screen. If possible, align your work desk in a way that faces the green outside your window. That way, you can always work with a view. In case that’s not possible, bring in some greenery near your work desk. A Pothos or a low-maintenance plant like the Sansevieria is highly recommended. Not only do greens purify the environment around you, but they also give you a break from the visual monotony of the screen.

Go quirky

More often than never employees are found to have a certain kind of bonding with the work desk essentials that they own. For example, here we have someone at work who loves her Pen stand so much so that she carries it back home every day. Choose a quirky diary, a coffee mug that suits your personality, even a pen that you love writing with, a laptop skin which you think makes it look the best- basically, anything that keeps you motivated and helps in concentration.

To-do list

Make use of sticky notes to allot time for office work and household chores, even if it includes nap time. Scheduling your day in advance keeps your concentration from hovering away, and striking off your accomplishments on the schedule will only add to your productivity.

Take a Useful break

Working from home can be difficult when you have to accomplish household tasks as well. If you plan to get up from your seat make sure it ends up fulfilling a task, like putting clothes for laundry or making yourself a cup of tea. If cooking is included in your break, make sure your meal doesn’t take too long to prepare. Summarizing, your break should help your eyes get away from constant stress.

Working from home can be fulfilling and challenging both. But just like proper office space, you deserve a Home Office that you look forward to working in every day. A little effort in setting up an office space at home encourages you to finish tasks dedicatedly. So go ahead and bring in that motivation factor to your home office and increase work productivity.

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