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Why is Warmup Important Before a Workout

Why is Warmup Important Before a Workout


How many times have you been to the gym thinking you’ll finish a couple of exercises, but the trainer gets you to do a warmup for 5 minutes alone? Quite often people especially beginners wonder what good is warming up before working out.

Well, the benefits are many but the motive is to prevent injury by increasing our body’s muscle temperature. While warm-ups are specific to the type of exercise we wish to accomplish for the day but it should include a full-body warm-up always. Let’s see why is warm-up so important before a workout.

Muscle temperature

When you get physically active your muscles contract and relax way quicker than normal, reducing the risk of overexerting on any muscle. Your overall body temperature increases which eventually results in muscle elasticity giving you energy and strength to perform better.

Dilation of blood vessels

Every time your blood temperature rises, a dilation of vessels take place. This dilation causes the blood flow to increase putting lesser stress on the heart. And that makes cardio workouts even easier for you.

Body cools faster

By warming up before a workout you are technically preparing your body for proper heat dissipation so it can cool efficiently and prevent overheating early.

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