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7 different ways to pair your Blue Denims with Topwear

7 different ways to pair your Blue Denims with Topwear


No matter what place on Earth you belong to or which season is current in your region, Denims are an evergreen part of your wardrobe. Jeans are anyone’s go-to option for an impromptu outing and are usually seen as something that’s got your back. But if you take denims to be something to adorn when you do not want to dress-up, you sure are outdated in fashion. 

Your go-to Blue Denims are the best to rock the day’s look. We have curated the best ways to pair your blue denims with top-wear without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Long Kurti with Blue Jeans

Black, White or Green or Pink- a light blue jeans paired with a bright-coloured long kurti is any day reliable for a tasking 9 to 5 schedule. When wearing a long kurta a little kitten heel or a matte-finish Pumps sandals would definitely make you stand out. You may choose to accessorize the look with a long earring or just a chain watch- simple, sober and classy

White Shirt with Blue Jeans

We have seen it, tried it, and loved it almost as many times as we wore it. A white shirt-blue jeans combination is an all-time favorite for girls. Be it a Brunch or a Friday at work, this combination has you backed up for a number of occasions. So pair your white shirt with a blue jeans with sneakers or Pumps depending on the occasion you are expected to go to. Don’t lock your collar, rather wrap a printed scarf and tuck in just one side of your shirt.

Checks top with Bell-Bottomed Blue jeans

As much as we love our slim-fit, skin-tight, or regular-fit denims, Bell Bottomed denims or Flared Blue denims are topping the wishlist for jeans this season. Flared blue denims can be your companion for a lockdown work routine or just a lovely evening with your BFFs. Pair it with a self-knotted Tee or a check-printed cotton shirt. 

Denims under Denims

Every boss girl that we happen to see on Television has done it at least once. Take out that denim jacket or shirt that you have, and wear it on the Blue denims. You may also choose to wear a Black and Black combination for a work-related outing. Don’t forget to accessorize it with a Black- coloured shades. 

Crop top with Blue denims

With June entering and summers being at its peak, it’s a given and most effective tip to take out your crop tops. Casual and sporty that they are, crop tops have been the talk of the season for some time now. Go for a bright, cotton colored crop top with a light or medium- blue jeans.

Belted Over sized Blazer with Blue Denims

If you are regular at a place with air conditioning throughout the day, this look is totally for you. Wear a Cami top, pull on your summer coat, wrap a cotton or buckled belt around it, pull up your blue denims, and get into your favorite bright colored pumps. You are all set to be a head-turner.  

Shrug it up

Pair your Blue denims with a Blouse and round it off with a pretty printed shrug. You can go for a tasseled shrug, a kaftan top, a stole-converted-shrug, or even a Bohemian blouse to pair with your Blue jeans.

Blue Denims have ruled the fashion industry ever since we can remember. A Sunday brunch party, an exclusive outing with your friends, or just another Friday at work- we can’t seem to step out of the house without thinking of our Blue Denims. Which is your favorite style?

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