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How to turn your balcony into an inviting space

How to turn your balcony into an inviting space


In the modern era, most apartments in urban areas and houses in semi-urban region allow a balcony, for you to stay connected to outdoors. The whole idea of a balcony seems like a space where you can sit, relax while sipping on a cup of tea. While balconies are a source of fresh air and natural light in an apartment, a number of times they are left unused because of a high-budget makeover that could make the place warm.

Decorating your balcony, irrespective of its size, will not just add a green element to your home, but also give your a cozy environment to relax. Here are a few ways to convert your balcony into welcoming space, without spending too much.


You may have rented an apartment or have your own place, either way you always have the option to add an extra element for a particular space in the house to spruce it up. No matter what material has been used for the rest of the house, you can always get an artificial green flooring to get those breezy garden vibes. These artificial grass flooring materials are soft, durable, easily affordable, and give you the feeling of a natural landscape.

Add colourful elements

Colour is the key to add brightness to any spot. Instead of putting in pots and planters of the same colour, use something that’s bright and gives out colourful vibes. Hanging planters in vibrant hues is good to start with. You could also bring in colours through flowering plants like Moss rose, Hibiscus, and seasonal Lilies. Add weaved rugs and floral printed cushions to your balcony furnishing list for a different layout.


Maybe you are in a city and the balcony is your only green space, but there’s no reason for you to feel like you are not on a vacation. A hanging chair or hammock makes the best vibe for vacationing in the greens. You may go for a medium-sized Macramé hanging chair or a hammock swing that is foldable and can take weights. Hammocks are a great, artsy addition to our often-usual balcony elements, giving you the much-needed break from usual lifestyle.

Light it up

Doesn’t matter if you are someone who likes late-night hangouts or a morning person, a lamp or lantern is a must to give you a warm vibe at Home. If you like colors, go for small, light-weight hanging lanterns that have bright colors like red, blue or yellow. If you plan to keep it subtle, you may go for Fairy lights, a floor lamp, or a hanging cane lamp.

Seating arrangement

If you are short on space, we’d recommend you go for foldable furniture that can be tucked away when not in use. For those who have a pretty decent space in their balconies, you may choose to turn your balcony into a restful retreat. Put in an outdoor daybed to soak in the Sun or read a book, or use a lounge chair. For those who love lying, there’s nothing better than using floor cushions for a small get-together or an evening lounging.

Private outdoor space is something that most families living the urban life look forward to having. It’s relaxing and detoxifies the daily grind while allowing you sometime with the nature. If you are lucky enough to own a balcony, you know the design potential it has to turn your space bright. Let us know how would you like your ideal balcony to be.

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