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Including mirrors in Home decor: Dos and Don’ts

Including mirrors in Home decor: Dos and Don’ts


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Fiction or Reality, mirror has been a great source of storytelling since forever. Widely used by the common man as a necessity today, mirrors go long back in history for its value in the interior designing of royal palaces and matrimonial rituals.

Mirrors are an essential part of interior designing of a Home or a Boutique hotel these days. But that does not mean you get to install it wherever you want to. Here are a few things to keep in mind when decorating house with mirrors…


1. Use a square or rectangular mirror

Always go for a rectangular or a square mirror. You may choose to play with the hanging style- like a diamond way of hanging the mirror. Square or rectangular mirrors are considered auspicious in Vaastu science as well.

2. Use large mirrors in smaller rooms

One of the reasons to include mirrors as a part of Home décor is to create an illusion of depth. And that is why you may go for installing a large mirror in a relatively smaller room in the house.

3. Place mirrors against the wall

Remember how people used to dress up in Medieval Europe? The mirror rests on the floor and is placed against the wall. This allows to create a bold tone for your living room.

4. Dine with a mirror

If you look at it technically, placing a mirror anywhere in the Dining area would mean doubling up of food, happiness, and health. And that’s one of the major reasons why experts suggest making a mirrored wall that reflects the entire dining area.

5. Place a mirror opposite to a landscape

In case you happen to have a room or space wherein you have a beautiful landscape right outside your window, placing a mirror opposite to the landscape ensures positive energy and beauty reflected in that room.


1. Place a mirror at your entrance

Anything that reflects light also absorbs all negative energy from its surrounding. Experts suggest against placing of mirrors at your Home entrance, strictly.

2. Use mirrors on ceilings

Yes, it is obvious. I mean, we don’t live in royal palaces or something, but it’s just that mirrors on ceilings tend to make you lose concentration, and that’s why it is a big no-no.

3. Use mirrors in bedroom

It might seem like we have it all mixed up in here, but to be honest experts advise against placing a mirror in your bedroom specially in front of your bed. According to Feng Shui, any reflecting element facing your bed interferes with your personal energy. But since we all like to keep some privacy, you can do by using a rectangular mirror in the corner that doesn’t involve the bed.

4. Put a bathroom mirror in dark

We all know a mirror in the bathroom is a necessity. But there are rules here too. Don’t place your bathroom mirror in a dark corner, instead make sure there is a source of light right over it or it is installed on the North/East wall.

5. Place mirrors opposite to each other

Placing mirrors right in front of each other won’t go well with the décor of the house. Moreover, placing mirrors opposite each other causes confusion and impatience, which no one would want to encourage.

Mirrors have been a vital part of our life ever since we have known. It opens up space, and brightens your mood when used in the right way, but can also have adverse effects when not placed correctly. Make sure you follow these tips before choosing a spot for your mirror in the house.

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