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Here’s How You Can Stay Fit While Working from Home

Here’s How You Can Stay Fit While Working from Home


Even before the COVID-19 lockdown happened all across the globe, working from home was getting to be a norm in the industry. But is it the preferred choice for all office-goers? If theory is to be believed, it’s easy to be healthier when you are working from Home. No over snacking, no unhealthy eating habits, working out whenever you want, taking breaks more often than required- it’s a win- win situation altogether. That, however is not quite how it works for everyone.

For a majority of professionals who work from Home, remaining in their pyjamas and being hurdled on their couch tapping their laptop and eating a jam sandwich is the norm, well, because they didn’t get time to make lunch. And it comes as no surprise that more than 50% of the work from home population do not experience better productivity in such an environment. Creating a work-life balance is difficult when you are at work for sure, but it’s equally difficult when you have to do the same work from home. So, let’s make at attempt at knowing the best ways to stay fit when working from Home.

Home Office

We’ve talked about it before, and wouldn’t shy away from doing it again. Your physical surroundings must give you the experience of a work environment. That’s the reason you should avoid sending mails or having a conference call on the sofa, rather choose a designated work station which is away from all the disturbances. If you want to know how to setup a home office that boosts your productivity, {hyperlink how to boost productivity when at home} you must at the same time assure that it fits in all the perspectives of motivating you to work from Home.

Work out, no doubt

When you work from Home, you tend to save on the traveling time that could be anywhere between ten minutes to more than an hour. Use that time to develop a morning workout schedule for yourself. Be it for 20 minutes or 60 minutes, that daily dose of Cardio followed by squats before your breakfast is going to help you increase the metabolism. The work out schedule is not only going to keep you fit but also keep you physically active.

Walk when you talk

A good number of times we come across people who love to take a walk for a meeting rather than meeting up on coffee. Well, we can’t blame them for choosing an activity instead of calories and caffeine.

Stretch, take breaks

Long working hours can make your body couched up in one position. Get up, stretch forward, backward and sideways. Take these stretching breaks every hour or so to avoid back and shoulder slouching. Stretching also helps in giving your body the right posture even though you need to sit and work for 9 long hours.

Finish chores during breaks

Lockdown or not, learn to finish your daily chores when you plan for longer breaks. Finish laundry, marinade your meat, or chop veggies for salad, switch vacuum cleaner in one room, or anything that forms a part of your daily chore can be accomplished in the break that you take. This way you won’t give up on regular breaks and there’s no pending household chore for the day.

Eat Better

We are always expected to watch our weight, but unless we implement healthy cooking and eating in our lifestyle, it is not going to be easy. Healthy food can be tasty too. All you need to do is to balance the amount of nutrients you are consuming throughout the day. Eat smaller portions at regular intervals. Stay hydrated and detox when you feel there’s been too much of oil and spice consumption in the food.

Ditch the fuel

When going for ration shopping, try skipping your motorbike or car, and walk to the supermarket or use a bicycle. It’s easy to be dependent on the fuel during Summers, but he more you sweat the more salt and water you release from your body, and rehydration helps in making you feel fuller, thereby reducing your appetite. Moreover, we are all aware of the benefits that come with walking as a routine.

Working from Home can prove to be a boon or bane on your health and fitness. It all depends on how willing are you to keep yourself fit.

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